Write your own song

Encourages children to become songwriters. Explains the importance of verses as the story telling element and the chorus as the bit that catches the listeners attention.

Design a sensory blanket

Explains the concept of a sensory blanket for babies and older people. Asks children to design their own sensory blanket giving thought to sound, texture and design.


Explores how and where coins are made.  Encourages children to reflect on the coins their family use.  Asks children to design their own coin with specific features.

The Bank of England

Highlights the Bank of England as a Learning Destination. Signposts to Bank of England learning resources.  Suggests investigation of careers available.

My place in the World  

Encouraging children to think about where they feel their place in the World is.  Looking at them, their home, their town or city, their area or county, their country, their continent, their planet, and their place in space. 


All the instructions you need to create your very own Foosball Stadium and have a game!